The Real Deal (Activation)

We cannot address enough how much this country needs gun control by looking at incidents like Parkland school shootings and other tragedies that sacrificied innocent lives. Unfortunately, gun sales skyrocket during Black Friday while our gun laws are too weak to promise that no firearm will be diverted into the wrong hands.

We then came upon a simple insight: no holiday gift has its purpose while the loved ones are still exposed to epidemic gun incidents. By highjacking the bold designs of doorbuster adverts from Macy's, Best Buy, and Saks Fifth Avenue, we offered New Yorkers to give their loved ones 'a gift with a real purpose' on this holiday; gun control. In each poster and flyer, we wrote bespoke headlines highlighting the specific savings that could be promised with safer gun laws. Like 'save up to 53% of our children from fear of school shootings.' We then provided a template to share their pledges for gun control via Instagram stories. The poster has been put on numerous subway stations and the flyers have been given out on the streets which started to grab people's attention. We even picketed with oversized posters in front of Best Buy in Union Square.

Credits: James Kuczynski, Hyei Min Park.